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Our 8.5 Star Energy Rated Straw bale Home    

A two storey strawbale home we built in a cold climate zone just got rated 8.5 stars which is an incredible result. We're still blown away by the efficiency of our homes. Of course these ratings are just the start and don't take into consideration reduced carbon emissions and low carbon footprint or the fact that they are natural homes made from local materials (usually clay from the site)... but it's a start (one day science and the government will catch up with what we're about and how good they are for the world and us).

8 star 'Stepping Stone' strawbale house - which we designed and built - was energy rated by a qualified Australian architect. Even we were impressed! It goes to show that with a good design and building materials, which use solar passive and insulation properly, you can have a beautiful home and change the world.

A three bedroom, architecturally designed Viva Home is from $369,000 (incls gst. ex site costs)

Grab a copy of Grand Designs Australia Magazine where we are featured in a four page article.

Our straw bale  homes are $2,200 to $2,500 per square metre for a custom designed home and around $1,900 to $2,000 per square metre for our pre-designed straw bale homes.

Strawbale Plans
To see some of our pre-designed strawbale home plans, click here>

A Viva Straw Bale Home is...

A Viva strawbale home includes cob, poured earth and rammed earth walls and have been created to keep your lifestyle while being green. We believe you can have it all.

Why build a straw bale home? They are sustainable, warm in winter, cool in summer, made from natural, organic materials such as clay, earth, timber, strawbales. These strawbale homes are robust, open plan, light and airy. For intimate couples or large families, our strawbale homes have been designed and built to be beautiful and to withstand the harsh Australian climate, for years to come. 

Each of our straw bale houses have been hand crafted and have been customised by you. They have a look and feel which is personalised and reflect your life and taste.

These straw bale homes are unique. They are built with natural and sustainable building materials using the specialised skills of our tradesmen and techniques which reduce your carbon footprint,  power and water usage. These strawbale homes use nature to keep an even temperature throughout the year and are natural for your health. There aren't any nasty chemicals which off gas.

Our Strawbale Homes are built from straw bales, earth, mud, stone, timber. The walls can be straw bale with earth render, cobb walls made from clay, sand and earth. They can also be made from poured earth, rammed earth or stone.

Straw bale Studios - easy to build. Materials delivered to site. Just put the kit together using our videos and Builder's Manual. We'll help you organise trades and a straw bale workshop.

The most common thing people say about our straw bale houses are - "they feel different". It's such an unusual thing to say but it's true, when you walk into our homes they're everything people want in a home. Warm, welcoming, light, airy, amazing to look at, with the best sleeps! Immediately you can feel the difference in their natural qualities.

Don't forget to look up our frequently asked questions and enviro links which help you for each option.

You can choose 4 ways we can help build you a strawbale and earth home:


1. Straw Bale Plans & Designs

Designing your strawbale home is critical to creating a natural earth home which suits who you are and is made from the earth. So we've worked with an award winning architect to create a true Viva Living Home.... straw bale and earth homes made from the earth, which look amazing, they're great for your health and the world.

Our straw bale floor plans have been created by our clients with special features to make life easier for you. Smart built-in storage solutions throughout your straw bale home, entertaining open plan layouts to suit the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Unique walk in pantries with a difference. There's so many smart solutions to make everyday living so much easier.

You can choose from one of our solar passively designed floor plans they've been designed especially to be solar passive while using strawbales, poured earth, cob or rammed earth as the building materials. This means you can owner build your own uniquely designed, straw bale home. Our straw bale plans come with a Straw Bale Builder's Manual. In it you'll find they're the blueprint on how to build your own environmental home. It comes complete with a list of suppliers, materials, quantities, timelines, procedures on 'how to', step by step, including references. It's pretty much everything you need to move forward to building your own environmental home.  Check out

or you can choose from one of our pre-designed straw bale  homes..



2. Pre-designed Straw bale Homes are made from Straw bales poured earth & cob

If you're after a sustainable, natural home at an affordable price, our pre-designed straw bale homes may be just what you're after.

Choose from one of our straw bale, poured earth, rammed earth and cob homes. You just choose the design from our range of architecturally drawn plans, choose the materials you like the most, and we quote the project for you so you know how much it will cost upfront. Once you sign off, we look after getting your plans through council and then build your home in a set time frame.

A lot of our clients don't have the knowledge, time or energy to research how to design and build an environmental home. Afterall, it's taken us over ten years to be able to design solar passive earth homes which work. It's after having built our own homes for ourselves to work out what works the best.

Some people just want a strawbale home built for them. They want to choose a design, the finishings, colours and then in a few months time, move in, no more to worry about. 

These set-designs straw bale homes take out the hard work for you. We've researched and practised to find the solar passively designed home which works and looks great. They meet the Australian Building Code of Australia, are approved through Councils, comply with the CSIRO fire tests for building in bush fire prone areas.

What's more, our practises ensure your straw bale home is rugged and robust against the elements and is a cool house in summer and a warm house in winter. It's not rocket science, but it's taken us over a decade of experience and research to find out what works.

Fixed contracts and timeframes with set house designs and a licensed builder helps you get on with living your life.

Click here to view our straw bale designs and costs to build >


3. Design & Build your own dream straw bale home with cob, poured earth, mud bricks and rammed earth walls

If you prefer to create your own unique straw bale home - we can design and/or build the perfect one for you. As a NSW MBA Qualified Master Builder, we will work with you to turn your ideas into a living straw bale home.


4. Owner building, renovating or need advice on starting your own strawbale home?

A lot of clients come to us needing help building their own straw bale home. They're not sure whether to renovate their current home, or demolish it and build a new house. They want to know if they can convert their garage into a straw home or a mud brick building easily. We'll need to visit your home to find out what you want, and then come up with building solutions for you.

In a lot of situations, simple solutions can be the answer.... cobbed walls (earthern), straw bale buildings or extensions... poured earth (form block) or rammed earth walls are great solutions. Afterall, our project homes are built using these materials.


Photo Galleries of our homes (you may need to login to Facebook to see them. See our Photo Gallery on our website if the links don't work for you)

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Blue Mountains straw bale home

Two storey strawbale home in Bathurst

Light straw and cob home in Blackheath >

Straw bale home with cob walls in Yarralumla >

Straw bale home and cob home in Hazelbrook >

Straw bale home with poured earth and cob walls in Murrumbateman >

Beach house, straw bale house >

Straw bale  home with cob walls in Lawson >

Other straw bale homes >

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